Yulia Troyanovska is a secondary school teacher, cheerful and sincere, adored by children, mother of 3 children, source of language proverbs, good comments and interesting stories. When she tells tales you can lose count of time.

She was born on 27th of February, 1970 in Bialy Bor city in picturesque northwestern Poland. From the early age she was keen in Ukrainian traditions, language and culture. She received her initial education in the native city. Later she continued studies in Ukrainian Lyceum of ancient Legnica, known for its educational institutions, history and architecture.

In 1989-1992 she studied at the Catholic University, Department of Ukrainian Philology in Lublin. Since then Yulia knows Ukrainian grammar fluently, and makes emphasis on everything Ukrainian.

Since coming to the United States in 1992, she graduated from medical school and works 12 years by profession. Now she treats people not only by words but actions and medicine. Proven fact is that the patient is recovering faster when talking with people and exchange views, thus Yulia’s pre-obtained knowledge was useful.

Yulia is interesting and diverse person, generous for gentle and care word. She has rich inner life, fond of listening to music and fills by the beauties of sound, which is close somewhere to philology, but musical one. She goes in sports and loves to travel, opening new perspectives to replenish knowledge and to share information through the linguistic source of our historical melodious Ukrainian language.

4 years she is a teacher at Saturday School of Ukrainian studies and religion under Ukrainian Parish Center of St. Vladimir in Uniondale. Ukrainian linguist well read and glib, sincere for well-directed phrases, Yulia Troyanovska is one of the school team, who educates young generation of Ukrainians in the word, love to culture and traditions.