Olga Hrynkiw is a teacher of Ukrainian language and Literature at school of Ukrainian Studies and Religion under St. Vladimir Church in Hempstead.

She was born to Ukrainian family in Kazakhstan in 1960. Olga grew up and lived in Ivano-Frankivsk region, Western Ukraine. Vivid Ivano-Frankivsk region is known for its linguistic traditions and talented writers. Proverbs, songs, embroidery flow in a balance manner in everyday life of this land.

Life-giving core and love to everyone, desire to help inspired young Olga to study medicine at Kolomyia Medical School. Magic hands supporting and quickly reacting to situations more than once were useful; Olga has worked 14 years in emergency hospital in Kalush city. Good at work, lively and sincere, saying nothing about temper, which requires an adequate response, precise eye and constant emotional control.

In 1994 she moved with her family to the United States. Unique is the combination of the Ukrainian spirit and medical skills. Medical practice successfully coexists with the knowledge and depth of the Ukrainian culture; Olga’s words often turn to concise and reasonable advice.

Humanity, love to children is harmoniously filling this woman. Mother of three children, Olga continues to match medical route and the road of teaching. From her first days in USA she teaches Ukrainian language and Literature in Ukrainian schools in Syracuse City, Johnson City, Uniondale. The overall experience of teaching these subjects makes more than a half decade. It seems people from Ivano-Frankivsk have gift of teaching and spreading their desperate love for language, culture, traditions and songs of our fatherland.

Olga successfully merges medical direction (working in medical office for eye doctors as filling clerk) with rhythmic life of modern tender mother and beloved teacher at school of Ukrainian studies and religion.