Halyna Turko is a teacher of junior classes, inventive and creative with wonderful attitude to children, mother of 3 children, can enhance interest and knowledge in a simple conversation.

Galina was born and educated in Lviv, city of rich cultural heritage and history. As a creative person, constantly searching ways to gain knowledge, she studied in Lviv Cooperative College. There she earned a lot of organizational skills. Then followed an important nowadays economic education in Kiev Trade and Economic Institution. To obtain further knowledge Halyna captured a new wave of studies at the Lviv University named after Ivan Franko.

Good organizer with a high sense of discipline and demand, Halyna Turko worked 6 years as city inspector of Lviv in Ukraine's Foreign Ministry.

With this experience she moved to the United States. As many professions man tries so many areas in the personal development he gains. Thus trying to fully use her potential, in 1998 Halyna became co-owner of GNG Workshop business, where she was known as demanding, understanding, careful to the tasks person. But her creative nature won. And in 2000 Halyna chose job of seamstress in Express Studio Design. Job with clothes-designers, preparation of models for presentations and shows of stylish clothes is based on huge organization’s experience and art taste.

In 2008 Halyna became a teacher at Saturday School of Ukrainian studies and religion in Uniondale, Hempstead. She does her best to give all the skills and knowledge to children, because of her big experience in many professions, each of which added up to a strong core of her Ukrainian being. Love to children, self-control and desire to share pearls of cultural inheritance is the vocation of every teacher.

Together with the pupils Halyna Turko embroiders new stitch in Ukrainian cultural consciousness, nurturing love for native language, culture and traditions.