Welcome to the website of Ukrainian studies and religion school located in Uniondale, Long Island under the direction of St. Vladimir Ukrainian Catholic Church, Hempstead, NY which is led by Father Wasyl Hrynkiw.

The purpose of our school is to educate the younger generation of Long Island Ukrainians in Ukrainian traditions and teach them the Ukrainian language. The students also learn about Ukrainian culture, literature, history, and geography to ensure the passing of this knowledge for future generations and the transmission of the spiritual, cultural and intellectual heritage of the Ukrainian people. A person who remembers his roots, who continues the tradition of his forefathers, has solid ground and support for the spiritual development of his faith, language and customs.

The school was established at the church and with its help it will contribute to the education of the children’s intellectual and spiritual development.

Our pedagogic staff combines professional knowledge along with a sincere love of the traditions of our native land as it instills love and respect for all the children. Special courses are offered for learning the language, history, literature, culture and geography of Ukraine, which are tailored to the specifics of the American environment.

At St. Vladimir school an individualized learning approach to each child is dominant. Small classes give the students the opportunity for personal development while taking into account their particular needs.

The teaching staff nurtures a free style of communication that helps to develop creativity and independent thinking, while allowing each child to discover his individual talents and freely defend his own opinion.

Our school regularly organizes celebrations and concerts dedicated to various memorable dates in the history and culture of Ukraine, thus giving the children an opportunity to express themselves in different spheres of art--music, theater, and the fine arts.

We wish to thank all the people who selflessly support and help our school.

If you live on Long Island and wish to enroll your child in our Ukrainian school, we welcome you to our school and believe your child will have a memorable and positive experience while with us.

School Director - Reverend Father Wasyl Hrynkiw
Principal - Lucie Tsyalkovska